My research helps people feel more appreciated at work. 

Did you know you can do gratitude "wrong"?

"Thank you" really matters in the workplace. I researched gratitude in the workplace as the topic of my master's thesis, which was published in an international journal. Yes, gratitude can be done wrong. (Beware the seven "dark sides" of appreciation.)

I teach, speak about, and publish my research to help people and teams improve their relationships, experiences they have together, and ultimately their results.

Sharing my research on NBC affiliate KSL5TV. #thanks

Sharing my research on NBC affiliate KSL5TV. #thanks

Beck’s work provides . . . practical applications for executives, managers, and corporate communication leaders seeking to improve day-to-day operations and overall employee satisfaction in their organizations.
— Dr. Michael Goodman, Director, Corporate Communication International
Crystalee Beck shared new research on gratitude and had an entire room wide-eyed for more. Managers often don’t take the time, aren’t comfortable giving praise, or worse, don’t see the value of employee recognition ... Her research will have you convinced that recognition done right can make a difference.
— Ally Bunin, VP Employee Engagement, Brighton Health Plan Solutions


Presentation Description

I've presented my award-winning research on TV and at an international conference in Hong Kong. I'm available to share my research findings with organizations, media, podcasts, and at conferences.

My presentation, "Showing Authentic Appreciation to Your Employees: Avoid the 7 Dark Sides of Gratitude at Work," helps managers learn what employees really think. You'll hear practical insights on how to show gratitude more effectively.

Conferences & Guest Appearances

CCI Conference on Corporate Communication 


MarketStar - Global Managers Meeting

ICology podcast

Cover Feature Story, "The Link," Summer 2017

PRSA Connect Conference 2017

Contact me for more information about having the positively impactful message of gratitude shared with your team and organization.


Check out my Publication

[1] Crystalee Webb Beck, "Perceptions of thanks in the workplace: Use, effectiveness, and dark sides of managerial gratitude", Corporate Communications: An International Journal, Vol. 21 Iss: 3, pp.333 - 351. (Abstract)



Speaking at WSU master's graduation ceremonies.

Speaking at WSU master's graduation ceremonies.

Adjunct Instructor

I teach university-level courses in communication at Weber State University, where I completed an M.A. in professional communication.


I research gratitude communication and am exploring studies in confidence.

My gratitude research came out of graduate coursework at WSU, and has since been recognized internationally.