James Keddington



I love working with Crystalee.

Why? She’s fast and extremely accurate, and much more than just an editor. She’s a thinking partner and advisor, one who provides added value by offering great ideas.

I’ve been impressed since the first time she did freelance work for me years ago how she writes from the reader’s point of view. This intelligence shows she understands complicated topics and effectively breaks them down into relevant, meaningful content bites.

Again, I only have awesome things to say about Crystalee, and I recommend her as a marketing partner.

Alan E. Hall



I've been impressed with Crystalee since we first met. I love the way she thinks and executes. You can see the passion in her eyes. You can expect great things from her. She is gifted not only with big-picture strategy, like planning MarketStar's 25th anniversary video, but also small details, like the minute-by-minute agenda for a live anniversary gala program for 800 employees. She's an expert writer and communication professional, but even more, a wonderful person to work with. 

Amy Kendall

Marketing Communications Manager

Career Step


Crystalee was a dream to work with!

She wrote a series of articles for us on a very specific funding source available to a select group of our students, and despite the program’s technical and dry nature she brought it to life in each of the six articles.

She came up to speed quickly and brought fresh ideas and the conversational tone we were looking for to our project. She did a great job managing expectations, hitting deadlines, and over delivering.

Crystalee will be a go-to choice for us in the future as we’re contemplating other content projects.