The "Why" behind my business + My VIDEO scholarship app for Marie Forleo's B-School

I believe comfort bubbles need some popping now and again.

Stretching my bubble here, sharing WHY I started my business with my video app for Marie Forleo's B-School scholarship. 

The past year I've spent countless hours reading, listening, and learning about mindset, personal finance, and business. I hired a business coach. I called 2016 my personal "MBA" year for that reason, but I realize there's so much more I want to know. I'm on a quest to learn, and Marie Forleo's big-hearted, business-savvy training calls my name. Her B-School opens once a year, and I want 2017 to be my year IN! #winBSCHOOL

While there are several things I could have done differently in this video, I followed her advice: Shared is better than perfect! (For example, I wish I would have mentioned AnniverStory, but with a 90-second limit, I tried to keep it simple.) 

Here's my video. Do a girl a favor -- will you please watch and like/comment? Thank you!


Video transcript

Marie, hi! My name is Crystalee Beck. I live in beautiful mountain town, Ogden, Utah. (I go hiking a lot!)

I am a writer, an award-winning marketer, and an internationally published researcher.

I'm also a mother of two very cute kids and they are my pride and joy. And really, they're the reason WHY I started my business, Professional Communication Consulting. I used to work full-time in the corporate world and I wanted to take my time and talents back into my own hands so that I don't have to miss my babies' childhoods.

Also, on the professional WHY I do what I do: 

I help remarkable people and organizations tell their story. That's what I give the world. 

I'm currently writing a biography for a serial entrepreneur. I'm helping several different clients. I've expanded my company and now have a team of writers ... and Marie! I realize I need business training! I need your help. There's so much that I want to learn from you and from B-School. 

Please help me have B-School be part of my story. 

Thank you for watching. God bless!

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